Clubpenguin Times Issue #217

Wowie, theres so MUCH to do that is coming through, even tomorrow! Rockhopper, Igloo Contest, New “Better Igloo” and so much more. So check out today’s news!

Coins for Change

Each year, Clubpenguin has a SPECIAL event, where you donate as much coins you want for people who aren’t doing so well. Like sick children, children who have no home, and children think they have no hope. So Clubpenguin changes that all up by simply giving coins to “Coins for Change”. We can all make a difference by doing that! Also every year, Rockhopper comes and celebrates with us during the event at the beach! Whish is cool because be brings some of his “Rare Items”. What do you think hes going to bring? Well we’ll find out tomorrow!! Coins for Change also starts tomorrow, so get your coins and get ready to donate.

Christmas Party

This Christmas Party to a week away from celebrating, obviously CHRISTMAS! I can’t wait for this party because this is when the WHOLE island gets decorated. This party will begin on Decemeber 18th and ends on the 27th! Theres going to be so much decorations and gifts(free items) you may get from around the island. What are you doing for Christmas?

Also it says theres something AMAZING and BIG going on in the….Night Club! What Amazing and BIG event is going to happen in there?! Well we’ll find out next week.

Deck the Halls Igloo Contest

Guess what? Theres a CONTEST for this month! What kinda’ contest is this you say? It’s a Igloo Contest for the festive month of December and CHRISTMAS! Okay, now there’s rules for you to follow and theres also prizes. Just follow these simple rules.

How to Enter:

  1. Give your igloo a festive holiday theme!
  2. Look for the special ‘Submit Igloo’ button from December 18th-20th.
  3. Once your done, click the ‘golden igloo’ button.
  4. Remember, once you submitted your decorated igloo, don’t change until the judges had time to see it!

Winners will be announced on December 24th-31st in the Clubpenguin Times!

Now for the PRIZES!


20 Grand Prize winner(s) will recieve:

  • 25,000 coins!
  • Their igloo shown in the Clubpenguin Times.
  • A special post card from the judges!

20 Runner-up winner(s) will recieve:

  • 15,000 coins!
  • Their name published in the Clubpenguin Times.
  • A special post card from the judges!

Secret Revealed

Check out this NEW secret that has been revealed! It seems the Treasure Hunt game is much more as a Christmas Treasure Hunt! Check it out!

Upcoming Events



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  2. […] In the newspaper there is an article on how to enter the igloo contest and lots of other details. Click Here to learn […]

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