New Better Igloo Cheats & Free Item!

Hey everyone! Now that it’s December, we need to DECORATE our igloo, Christmas Style! Check out the cheats to find the HIDDEN furniture and also, a FREE ITEM!

Clubpenguin New Better Igloo Catalog

For the Nutcracker (950 coins) click the Blue Jay on the Santa Hat Snowman.

For the Small Christmas Tree (400 coins) click the red boa on the “Christmas Wreath”.

For the Christmas Lights (30 coins) click the yellow star on the “Large Christmas Tree”.

Now those are the NEW igloo cheats! Also, on the second page of the “Better Igloos Dec-Jan Furniture Catalog” theres a HUGE present for you to open! But guess what? You have to wait until Christmas! Sad huh? Well it gets up heat up and want to see what is it in the box. Check it out.

The Mystery Present costs 15 coins! Not bad for a present huh? Can’t wait until we open it! Now the Catalog is the December and January catalog.

Also if you get the ‘Coins for Change Donation Station’ you can put it into your igloo can EVEN donate your coins IN YOUR IGLOO for the very first time! Check it out.

Free Item

Now, alot of people are wondering, where is that hat? Is it in here, is it out there? Well heres how to find and get the FREE item!

  • Open your mail

  • Make sure your mail isn’t full! (Make sure you have anything below 50 postcards!)
  • Now click the postcard.
  • Now when you open it, you’ll see this…

Cool item for the chilly weather and for the holidays! Surprise they didn’t bring the Bell for ‘Coins for Change’!

Sneak Peek

As you know, they Christmas party is coming soon, December 18th! Now, there’s a sneak peek up in the Night Club Lounge aka (As known as)Dance Lounge. When you go up there, you’ll see a HUGE Santa Sled! Wonder how it fit in there or how will it go out. LOL. Check it out.

Coins for Change

Today is the day where you give some coins to kids who have no home, kids who are sick, and kids who live in a bad environment. We can all make a change by donating coins to those kids who really need it! We can all make a change for kids that probably never had a Christmas or kids who don’t get to celebrate with their family. Theres no reason that a kid, could never have a Christmas. We can make a difference from a virtual game because we ALL work together! So donate and get some coins!

If you go to the Plaza, Town, Beach, and even at your igloo (Only if you buy it at the Migrator) you can donat the coins into the ‘Coins for Change’ bucket!

Now you can pick either:

  • Kids who are poor.
  • Kids who are sick.
  • The Environment.

Pick anyone you would like or just do all of them if your really that caring!

Now pick the amount of coins you want to give in:

  • 50 coins
  • 250 coins
  • 500 coins

And that is all you have to do, to make a million changes!

Treasure Hunt UPDATE

Guess what? Remember how the ‘Treasure Hunt’ game at the Migrator was all jewels and pearls, well now its candy canes, candy, and ornaments! Here are some tips of the updated ‘Treasure Hunt’. When you find an Mint(s), you’ll get 1 coins. When you find the Candy Cane(s), you’ll get 25 coins. When you get an Ornament(s), you’ll get 100 coins! Cool huh, and alot of money to give some money to ‘Coins for Change’!

Also just check out the ‘Migrator’, it’s AWESOME!


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