As you know, one of the Penguin Award play, that was chosen to be in the event is Fairy Fables! Which won for BEST costumes. This play is coming out this Friday, January 8th! Cool huh, well I do love the costumes that they have for this play too! Speaking of the Penguin Awards…

Here was last years “Penguin Awards”! Check it out, maybe this is what it may look like.


See some famous penguins at the Clubpenguin Awards at the stage! You might get to see: Aunt Artic, G, or even Cadence ect.!  So look out for them.

The inside of the Stage.


Hmm, well this Penguin Awards, 2nd year is coming soon for 2010! Can’t wait and can’t wait to see whos the winners and plays that will be entered for this play! Check out the Trunk they had too!

The awards Catalog: “Trunk at the Stage”






If you entered back Stage, which this was for memebers, you can get your own…


Penguin Award trophy! Cool huh? Maybe we’ll get a different kinda’ looking trophy!



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