Fairy Fables & Post Cards

One of the choosing plays that was entered into last years Penguin Awards is back! Check out the play by entering the Stage at the Plaza. Here is “Fairy Fables”!

Now if you enter into the Stage, you’ll see some awesome stuff, I think, this play won for best costume? Hm, well I don’t know, but I love the costumes! Check out the stage for “Fairy Fables”.

As you walk in, you’ll see a costume trunk, walk up to it or click the red book for the costumes!

Costume Trunk Cheat

If you click the radio slot, you’ll get the Silver Wand (150 coins)

At the end of the  Book Trunk catalog, you’ll see a book of “Fairy Fables”. You can actually read the book and see what actually goes on in the play! Sounds cool huh? Well check out the book today.

New Post Cards!

Check out the NEW post cards that were released! I say, these are actually cool post cards. Notice how the really changed and now to really creative styles! Check out the post cards.


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