A NEW room Soon?

As you know, my last post, at the Mine, the wall collapsed. It tells me that this may become as the new room! But if you go to the Member Page, you’ll notice something weird. This month, it was supposed to be planned for this month, but some weren’t changed. Some of them were changed, like the “Fairy fables” play was released. But some are shown from last month, that were Rockhopper coming with rare items & the Christmas party.

If you go to the French language, and go to the ‘French Member Page‘, you’ll notice that this page was already updated! Check this out, in the English version, it wasn’t all updated, but in the French memebr page, it says something about “Explore un novual endroit secret myserieux!” Here is the translation in English:

  • Become and act as your favorite characters in Fairy Fable
  • Explore a mysterious new and secret location
  • Create your own t-shirts in the penguin style catalog
  • Decorate your igloo with new prehistoric items

A NEW room?! Yes, so Clubpenguin, some reason did not update the English version yet.  But the new room tells us a hint that may be located in the Mine, where the wall was collasped! Which means Herbert P. has to do with something with this, maybe messing with Gary and to get revenge, that might lead us to Mission 11.  Also notice the empty computer monitor in the HQ, this might be un-blanked in the future for the NEW room!

Due to the mess up in the “upcoming Events”, this might be only a room for Members, which might turn out to be like Herbet’s hang-out, or maybe a new HQ for agents! But we don’t really know whats really happening, maybe turn up this month! We’ll have to find out soon.


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  1. i din’nt know a new room is comeing

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