New Better Igloo Furniture, Upgrades, Pin, & Mine peek!

The NEW “Better Igloos”, Jan-Feb furniture catalog has been released with a HUGE twist! Check out the NEW rock furniture!

Better Igloos Jan-Feb Furniture Catalog

  • Stone Couch-400 coins
  • Stone Chair-350 coins
  • Stone Lamp-150 coins
  • Stone Table-75 coins
  • Stone Deck Chair-375 coins

  • Rosewood Dinner Table-700 coins
  • Rosewood Chair-150 coins
  • Ski Rack-550 coins

Better Igloos CHEATS!

Click the “Stone Lamp” bottom peice, for the “HD TV”(1,000 coins).

Click the shadow part from the “Stone Couch”, for the “Portal Box”(200 coins).

Click the left hand ski gear on the “Ski Rack”, for the “Snowboard Rack”(600 coins).

NEW Igloo Upgrades

Here is a NEW carpet that was released, which is the “Burgundy Carpet”(530 coins).

Here is the NEW igloo upgrade, which is really cool. Check out the NEW “Cave Igloo”(2,500 coins). Really great for the furniture, it’s like the “Flintstones”! Well check it out!

NEW Hidden Pin

Theres a NEW pin for you to collect that is SOMEWHERE around the island. But where can that be? Well follow these simple construtions:

  • Open Map.
  • Go to Iceberg(on your far right hand corner)
  • Walk up to the “Puffer Fish” pin.

Mystery Of the Mine

As you know, the wall at the Mine has been “tumbled” on to the ground. But why and how? Well, we haven’t found out yet, but my suggestions would be either “Herbert P.” or maybe someone crashed with their Mine Cart. What do you think this might mean? Well my last Post was about how there might be a NEW room coming up this month. “A NEW ROOM!?” You might ask, which I’ll give you the answer, which is a “Yes!” Finally a new room, but to me, it tells me this might be a “For Members ONLY” room, since it was in the “Member Page”. But check out the Mine for your self, you’ll notice it’s starting to decrease, more rocks are starting to fall. Check it out.

Cool huh? Will the Mine finally have a Cave? We’ll find out soon this month!


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