Grand Opening at the NEW Updated Mine!

It’s HERE, the all NEW, updated Mine. Check it out, it is really cool once you waddle your self into the Mine. Here is ways on how to get the new “Jewl Pin” at the bottom of the island, and a new water suit! First, go to the Town or the Plaza. You’ll see a sign with a “Hard Hat”.

Now, press “Go There”. Here what the scroll says:

A secret dig site been discovered underground! Grab your jack hammers and shovles and start digging!”

After clicking “Go There!”, it will take you to the Mine, where you’ll see “Free Hard Hats” and a cave opening! Check it out.

IMPORTANT: In order to get the “Jewl Pin” and the “Underwater Suit”, you need to get a FREE “Hard Hat” or either get one at the Gift Shop in the Catalog.(If your a member)

Free Hard Hat

After getting your hard hat, go to the Cave opening. This will lead you into the NEW room!

This is what it will look like when you enter into the NEW room! It’s really cool.

Now it’s time for work, to get the new jewl pin, you must use your “Hard Hat” and DANCE!

IMPORTANT: To get the pin, you must dig in other places, different from where you digged. Each time you change positions, the more easier to get the pin! So move around while you dig, the pin track keeper will pop up to see how well your doing and how many to increase.

After digging for FOUR times, you’ll get a page asking your to claim your prize! So just click “Claim Prize” for the pin!

Now, to get the “Underwater Diving Suit”, you’ll notice a BIG rock has moved after digging for the pin. Waddle your self into the next Cave room. It will soon take you to…

In a other Cave room, where you’ll see a HUGE puddle of water and see a sign with a NEW suit! Check out the “Underwater Diving Suit” by clicking the sign with the suit that says “FOR SALE”. The Underwater Diving suit is 50 COINS! Not a bad deal huh?

Now, ever wanted to go underwater? Well this is the FIRST time EVER going underwater on Clubpenguin, besides the “Underwater Party” back in 2007. But sadly, it’s only for MEMBERS. So just go to the opended door in the puddle of water on your far right.

Now, this room will bring you into….

HERE! Awesome huh? Your actually underwater with some friends, fishes! If you waddle into the water, it’s like skating at the “Ice Rink”! Also, you’ll notice a piece of paper haning out, click it for a FREE background! Check out the background!


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