New Penguin Styles Febuary 10′ *CHEATS* & A new Non-Member UPDATE

Finally it’s Friday, which means a NEW Penguin Style catalog that is available at the Gift Shop! Theres alot of NEW hiddin cheats for you to find out and discover! Also some new jobs you can join that can be used at the Pet Shop! So check it out.

Penguin Style Feb. 1o’

  • Brown and Teal Cap-300 coins
  • Puffle Pullover-400 coins
  • Dark Brown Fuzzy Boots-250 coins
  • Puffle Cap-200 coins
  • Green Hoodie-400 coins
  • The Surf Knot-550 coins
  • Orange Vest-450 coins
  • The Frost-450 coins
  • Smitten Scarf-200 coins
  • Pink Quilted Coat-550 coins

Penguin Style Feb. 10′ *CHEATS*

Here are a few NEW cheats that had been released in the catalog! Check it out.

Click the mountain top on the right for the Pastel Suede Jacket(700 coins).

Click the tip of the tree on the LEFT for the The Brunette(300 coins) & Purple Spring Dress(400 coins)

Click the tip of the tree on RIGHT for the Pom Pom Scarf(250 coins)

Click the snowman’s top hat, all the way to your LEFT for the Jade Necklace(200 coins)

Penguins At Work

Theres are NEW job for you and maybe your buddies that can be really fun to do, helping some cool pets! Working at the Pet Shop! Cool huh? Well check out.

  • Pet Shop Apron-300 coins

This is a GREAT job for taking care of your and other un-adopted puffles! This is also great for the upcoming event/party. Can you guess what this might be, notice alot of puffles are in the Penguin Style catalog Feb. 10th!

NEW & OLD Backgrounds

As you know, in every NEW catalog, theres always something for the Non-Members to buy! Which is BACKGROUNDS! But guess what, theres some really OLD ones that was just released in the catalog! Cool huh? What kinda’, old background is there, well check it out.

New Fun is on The Way!

The Clubpenguin Team has updated the Membership Page for us to see what kinda’ new events that are coming up for the members! It shows all the upcoming events for February! Check it out.

  • New Pet Furniture For Your Puffles!
  • New clothing styles to show you’re a puffle fan!
  • A puffle show- starring your puffles!
  • A Surprise A Puffle Fans Need To See To Believe!

Cool, ALOT that is going on, and so many surprises! Also, what does “A Surprise A Puffle Fans Need To See To Believe!” mean? Maybe a show that they will show their talent! Well, we’ll find out maybe at the Puffle Party!

New Non-Member UPDATE!

First, theres a NEW flag pin that has been released at the Gift Shop, towards the end of the catalog! Want to guess what it is?…..It’s Haiti! Check it out and buy it for the love for Haiti!

Now, theres a NEW UPDATE for the Non-Members, where they get to buy the flag pins! Before, only Members were the only ones that can buy it, without the Member pop-up! Yes, you can buy ALL of the flags, anyone you want, your choice!

Cool huh? Well now the Non-Members have a chance to show off their flags and the the love for their religion/country!


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