New Play, Secrets of the Bamboo Forest EARLY & NEW Puffle Furniture!

As you know, it’s Thursday, but if you log on now, and go to the Stage, the NEW play is a day EARLY! The “Secret of the Bamboo Forest” is finally been released! Check out they stage, it’s very detailed then the other plays that been released.

Now if you check out the Costume Trunk, you’ll see some AWESOME and creative costumes for you to act out with some of your buddies!

  • Funny Pig Hat-275 coins
  • Funny Pig Snout-250 coins
  • Funny Pig Costume-400 coins

As you notice, you’ll see a orange feather, this is for you to cross a bridge in the play, “Secret of the Bamboo Forest”! If you click the Orange Feather, this will pop up:

As you leave the Stage door, travel through snow(Snow Forts), pastinner tubes and wakeboards(Though the Dock). Your journey will take you closer to the Golden Feather you seek.

This is a actual pin that you must find which is at the BEACON! This is the NEW collectable pin too!

  • Monkey King Mask-350 coins
  • Monkey King Costume-400 coins
  • Monkey King Feet-250 coins

  • The Phoenix-550 coins
  • Phoenix Wings-400 coins
  • Phoenix Costume-400 coins
  • Guardian Dog Hat-320 coins
  • Guardian Dog Muzzle-250 coins
  • Guardian Dog Costume-400 coins
  • Guardian Dog Feet- 200 coins

  • Directors Hat-250 coins
  • Secrets of the Bamboo Forest Background
  • Golden Feather Crown-250 coins

If you wear all the parts to the “Guardian Dog Costume”:

  • Guardian Dog Hat
  • Guardian Dog Muzzle
  • Guardian Dog Costume
  • Guardian Dog Feet

and then wave, you’ll have this!

Remember this picture:

Now, after I showed you how and where to get the Orange Feather(at the Beacon), this leads you to a special seat of the play! All you have to do it cross the brigde by clicking or waddling near the sparkling light. This will lead you to a King’s or Queen’s seat! If you walk near a secret passage floor, it will pop up with a background! Check it out.

This is for ALL penguins, so go get the Feather pin to get yourself a NEW background from Phoenix the Queen!

NEW Puffle Furniture & Puffle Party Set ups!

Now since the Clubpenguin Team put all these FANTASTIC things up early, the NEW Puffle Furniture is here! Check out the NEW Furniture JUST for your puffles!

  • Puffle Ball-150 coins
  • Puffle Washer-450 coins

Also if you walk around the island, you might find these few boxes!



You can find another box at the Lighthouse too! So check back for MORE Clubpenguin Cheats!


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