Clubpenguin Times Issue #228

Today is Thursday, which means a NEW Clubpenguin Times, issue #228! Check out all the new and cool events that is coming up this month, March.

Adopt Orange Puffle

FINALLY, the day has come, where we can finally adopt a new color of a puffle, which is…ORANGE! Sounds cool eh? Well some of you noticed the orange puffle around the island, it first started at the Box Dimension (Walk into a box that is or in another penguins igloo). Then, some of you noticed the orange puffle at the Ski Village, during the Puffle Party! Now, we can spot and adopt one at the Pet Shop, starting Febuary 26th, tomorrow! So check the Pet Shop for a new creature.

Top 5 Facts about ROCKHOPPER!

As you know, your fellow pirate friend is coming to visit the island! If you haven’t notice, go check the telescope at the Beacon, you’ll see Rockhopper’s ship, The Migrator. Rockhopper is coming back with ALL NEW rare items and coming back with the coolest game that will be there. It all starts on March 5th, so you don’t want to miss it!

If you new, and never seen Rockhopper before, well her are 5 awesome facts about ROCKHOPPER! Just click each treasure chest to find out what fact it is.

  1. Check the telescope at the Beacon to find out if Rockhopper’s is on his way!
  2. Search for a key to get into his Captain’s Quarters. Look for things that Rockhopper has left on the island. (Go to the Library, above the Coffee Shop and look for a old looking book!)
  3. Yarr, a fearless red puffle is Captain’s trusty first mate.
  4. Visit the Ship’s Hold and check out Captain’s rare treasure. He brings something every visit!
  5. Read the notice board in the Captain’s Quarter to find out what he’s planning each trip!

Cool facts eh? Well use them when Rockhopper comes to visit!

Upcoming Events

  • Underground News-Thursday March 4th
  • New Penguin Styles-March 5th
  • Rockhopper Arrives-March 5th
  • New Collectible Pin- Febuary 26th

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