NEW Sports Catalog & NEW Puffle & NEW Hidden Pin!

FINALLY the NEW Orange Puffle is out and is waiting to be your friend. You can adopt these cute furry pets at the Pet Shop at the Plaza! As you know, these furry orange puffles been around the island, it was first spotted at the Box Dimension. Then soon, during the Puffle Party, it was at the Ski Village, all you needed was 10 orange penguins to let it show! The Puffle Party is over and will come back soon. So go by your self a Orange puffle! Also check out the NEW log-in screen!

The Orange puffle is 800 coins!

Also, if you dance with the Orange Puffle, by clicking “D” or pressing the action tab, it’ll look like this!

With a hulla hoop going around his teeth, neat eh?! So go and get your own furry puffle! Also, at the Pet Shop, you’ll notice alot from the Orange Puffle, check it out!

If you adopt the Orange Puffle, you’ll get a postcard and you’ll see…

Cool huh? Well have fun with your puffles!

NEW Sports Catalog

Finally, theres a NEW Sport’s catalog that came out, since November! So go check out the Baseball items by going to the Ski Village and into the “Winter Sport”. Here is the baseball items.

Snow & Sports Feb 10′

  • Blue Ball Cap-200 coins
  • Blue Baseball Uniform-600 coins
  • Baseball Helmet-300 coins
  • Baseball Glove-300 coins
  • Red Baseball Uniform-600 coins

  • Pink Visor-150 coins
  • Pink Tennis Outfit-450 coins
  • Tennis Racket-250 coins
  • White Head Band-100 coins
  • Orange Tennis Outfit-600 coins
  • Tennis Shoes-250 coins

  • Swim Cap and Goggles-200 coins
  • Racing Swim Suit-500 coins
  • Mountain Climber Gear-550 coins
  • Hiking Boots-325 coins

Sports Furniture

  • Tennis Net-450 coins
  • Tennis Court-700 coins
  • Home Plate-150 coins
  • Pitcher’s Mound-175 coins
  • Base-100 coins

  • Climbing Wall-1,000 coins


Here a few cool Baseball background’s for your inventory! Check them out, ALL only for 60 coins!

Sports Catalog Feb. 10′ CHEATS

Click the yellow penguin in the back with green baseball gear for the Green Baseball Uniform(600 coins) & Green Ball Cap(200 coins)!

Click the white part from the Pitcher’s Mound for the Red Ball Cap(200 coins)!

New Hidden Pin

Theres a NEW Hidden pin around the island. But where is it? Follow the location below to find out where!

  • Open the Map
  • Go to the Ski Village
  • Waddle into the Ski Lodge
  • Waddle to the Wagon Pin(near the Fire place)

Cool pin eh? Goes great for the celebration of the NEW Ornage Puffle too, since it loves his Wagon and loves boxes!


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