Series #7 Toys!

As you know, so far, we are at Series #6, next is Series #7! Cool huh? Well there are some cool toys that will be in stores soon, like “Toys R Us”, Target,  and other kinda’ toy stores that is NEAR YOU. Also, you can even find some at Ebay! So check out the new toys that will be coming out for Series 7.

Series #7 Toys


Bunny Costume:


Rock N’ Roll:

Red Baseball Player:

If you notice the shoes, thier RED! Can this mean there will be NEW red shoes in Series #7, in the exclusives? Or even in the Cataloh at Clubpenguin?

Red Basketball Player:

Also, notice how he has the red shoes too!

Reissues for Series #7

  • Faery
  • Squidzoid
  • Bumble Bee
  • Aunt Arctic

Cool? Well go and buy your self a CLUBPENGUIN toy(s)! Can’t wait for Series 7.


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