NEW March Catalog & Rochopper is HERE!

NEW Penguin Style Mar 10′ is here! Check out all the cool new outfits and the NEW STYLES for the upcoming Penguin Awards!

Penguin Styles March 2010

  • Cumberband Hat-400 coins
  • Classy T-Shirt-150 coins
  • Untied Sneakers-150 coins
  • The Elegant-400 coins
  • Teal Bracelets-75 coins
  • Buttercup Ball Gown-375 coins
  • The Short & Sweet-300 coins
  • Gold Bracelets-200 coins
  • Ruffle Dress-300 coins

Click the first bottle of water on the left hand corner for the Dazzling Blue Top Hat-475 coins.

Click the last stack of white cups on the far left hand corner for the Top Hat-350 coins.

  • Camera-300 coins
  • The Scarlet Star-400 coins
  • Floral Clutch Bag-150 coins
  • Petal Pattern Dress-325 coins
  • The Part-300 coins
  • Microphone-250 coins
  • Tuxedo-800 coins

Click the Live Camera, red button for the Dazzling Blue Tuxedo-850 coins.


Check out the cool backgrounds that has been released!

Rockhopper is HERE!

Finally, our pirate friend, Rockhopper has came back with his ship, The Migrator! But hes missing one important thing, what can that be? Well his good, great pirate friend has been missing, around the island. Try to help Rockhopper find his friend! But also, Rockhopper brought back some REALLY RARE items, check out the ship and click the paper for some cool items!

Also, try to search for Rockhopper for an exclusive background for you inventory!

Some really rare items Rockhopper has brought is the….. Admirals Hat!

  • Admirals Hat-400 coins
  • Barrel Chair (furniture item)-230 coins
  • Admirals Coat-450 coins
  • FREE Hidden Treasure Background!

I really like the Admirals Hat, it’s been around Clubpenguin for a long time, did you know that this hat was the second item Rockhopper has brought, on his second trip to the island? Cool huh?

Also if you check out the Mine, you’ll notice something.

Also, notice the yellow Puffle! What do you think Clubpenguin is up to with the Mine? Will there be another Underground Adventure? We’ll see soon!


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