Penguin Awards & NEW Puffle Furniture!

St. Patrick’s day is over, but now something has been released on Clubpenguin! The Penguin Awards!!! It’s here, to celebrate the 5 nominees,

  • Squidzoid VS. Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal
  • Ruby and the Ruby
  • Quest for the Golden Puffle
  • Fairy Fables
  • Underwater Adventure

Remember where you had to decide on a play to be in the Penguin Awards? The post the Billybob had posted a few months ago? Well check out what was there, that was in for the Penguin Awards, and the others that didn’t make it!

Here is the NEW-er play(s)!

As you know, Viking Opra, Norman Swarm, AND Penguins That Time Forgot didn’t make it to the Penguin Awards! But maybe next time.

Those are the 5 nominees for the “Penguin Awards! This has to be the second year of the Penguin Awards. Back in March 2009, was the first year of this GREAT event. Now it’s back to celebrate the few new plays that has came to Clubpenguin, like the “Underwater Adventure”! Cool? Well lets get ready for the awesome event.

Penguin Awards 2010

Now, if you go to the Plaza, you’ll notice how formal the Plaza is for the Penguin Awards! It’s so cool with the red carpet, the stars, the cameras FLASHING, and so much more! You can also see the Voting Booth, where you vote for your favorite play, here is what you have to do to vote!

Go to the Plaza. Walk to the voting booth.

Now this will pop you, click “Continue”.

Now vote for your favorite play in each category or any one that you think was the best!

Sounds cool huh? Well now click “Submit” when your done voting.

Now, on March 30th will be the results of the winning play! Can’t wait to see who wins the 2010 Penguin Play.

Now, waddle into the Stage to be amazed! It’s really cool, even the music, it reminds me of the music at Walt Disney World, at MGM Studios and Epcot! Well you’ll notice a big screen of a video, well you can look at each play videos for the Penguin Play, check them out, by clicking the “Play” button!

Also check out the Costume Trunk for some awesome play costumes, from each of the 5 nominees costumes! What’s your favorite costume?

Costume Trunk

  • Microphone-250 coins

Click the trophy near the “Penguin Play Awards” for the Penguin Awards Background(60 coins)

Fairy Fables

  • Fairytails-500 coins
  • Twee’s Wings-400 coins
  • Twee’s Costume-550 coins
  • Big Bad Wool Suit-700 coins
  • Big Bad Wool Hooves-200 coins

Underwater Adventure

  • The Surf-400 coins
  • Shell Collar-100 coins
  • Shell Cuffs-250 coins
  • Merpenguin Fin-500 coins
  • The Blue Lagoon-550 coins
  • Mermaid Costume-800 coins

Click the Underwater Sub’s telescope for the Lobster Costume(600 coins)

Ruby and the Ruby

  • The Movie Star-600 coins
  • Pearl Necklace-550 coins
  • Dazzle Dress-600 coins
  • Gray Fedora-250 coins
  • Detective’s Coat-650 coins

Squidzoid VS. Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal

  • Blue Superhero Mask-100 coins
  • Shadow Guy Costume-550 coins
  • Blue Cape-500 coins
  • Pink Superhero Mask-100 coins
  • Gamma Gal Costume-550 coins
  • Pink Cape-500 coins

Click the “VS.” sign on the title, “Squidzoid VS. Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal” for the Squidzoid Costume(600 coins)

Quest for the Golden Puffle

  • Alaska’s Explorer Hat-300 coins
  • Lasso-150 coins
  • Sienna Explorer Outfit-650 coins
  • Pharaoh Headdress-500 coins
  • Gold Bracelets-200 coins
  • Pharaoh Costume-800 coins

Now for the cool thing, BACKSTAGE! Check out the Backstage for some free Member items. This is where you will see some famous penguins like, Gary, Cadence, Aunt Arctic, and so many more! So look out for them for their signed auto-graphs!

Free Member Items & Non- Members

Check out the NEW Free Item that is in the Backstage, which is the Video Camera! Check it out, it’s really cool, you can use these to make a show or a interview with your buddies!

Also, don’t want to forget the Penguin Play Awards trophy, this item is from last years Penguin Awards, it’s really cool!

Here is where the free item for Non-Members is at. All you have to do is go to the Dock. You’ll notice something really different from the Dock, it’s like a interview! It’s so cool, and very new, never before seen on Clubpenguin. Here, you can interview your buddies, like a “Live” interview show!

The free item is a Press Hat! Cool huh? It’s like Clubpenguin is in Cali!

NEW Puffle Furniture

New Puffle Furniture is here for your puffle to live in, play and sleep in! Check out the NEW furniture items that has been released.

  • Puffle Washer-450 coins
  • Puffle Ball-150 coins
  • Scratch Tower-350 coins
  • Small Scratching Post-150 coins
  • Salon Chair-400 coins

Also, check out the NEW Orange House, 500 coins!

The Salon Chair is new on Clubpenguin, remember this from the Puffle Party? Cool huh? Well check out the NEW Puffle Furniture Cheats!

Puffle Cheats

Click the Red Puffle for the Red & Grey House for 500 coins, each.

Click the title, “Puffle Bedz” for the Grey Bed, 250 coins.


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