April Fools Day PARTY & NEW Catalog!

The party and the Catalog is HERE, but early! Check out the wacky stuff happening around the island, and some GO GREEN items in the catalog!

Penguin Style April

Finally, theres a NEW Color selection, and NEW designs! Check them out, all for 250 coins!

  • The Trend-450 coins
  • Green Cotton Scarf-175 coins
  • Water Bottle-50 coins
  • City Top and Jacket-500 coins
  • Gray Boots-250 coins
  • Green Cap-400 coins
  • Knotted Recycle Shirt-300 coins
  • Brown Leather Cuffs-100 coins

Click the cup on the right for the Red Viking Helmet, 750 coins. Click it four more times for the Blue Viking Helmet, 1,000 coins!

  • The Band-500 coins
  • Rustic Tunic and Skirt-400 coins
  • Checkered Tote-200 coins
  • Pink Canvas Shoes-200 coins
  • Brown Stripe Fedora-400 coins
  • Green Recycle Shirt-300 coins

Click the pink flashing dance tile for the Green Face Paint (15 coins) Weird that it’s not a free item?

Penguins At Work

  • Water suit 3,000-400 coins
  • Green Hard Hat-100 coins (Remember where we had to decide which hat we like most?)
  • White Cocoa Bunny Ears-250 coins
  • White Cocoa Bunny Costume-550 coins

If you dance with the Green hard Hat, it will look like this!

Click the “G” in the word, “Penguin” for the Cocoa Bunny Costume, 550 coins.

Click the top of the small tree for the Cocoa Bunny Ears, 250 coins.


Here are some backgrounds that came back, like the last 3! But the 1st one is new, RECYCLE!

April Fools Party 2010

FINALLY, the wacky and funny event is here, APRIL FOOLS DAY! Theres so much wacky things going around the island, check them out, also the NEW and OLD free items that are hidden around the island!

Check out the wacky rooms in the island!


Night Club:

Mine Shack: (I love this one, it’s my favorite! 😉


Now, for something wacky! Check out the Snow Forts, you’ll see a random door in the middle of the Snow Forts!

Now, this is for Members ONLY, saldy, but when you waddle in, it’s so WACKY! This is where you test out your joking skills, and make the Joke-0-Meter rate your joking skills! Check it out, also, this is where you can get your self a free item!

Here is where you can get a free item for the NON-MEMBERS! All you have to do is go to the Dock. Now follow what it tells you.

You have to throw snowballs at the picture, this is how to get your free item! But theres a trick to make it go faster. Hold onto “T” on your keyboard. Now hold “T” and start throwing SNOWBALLS!

To know when it’s over, a treasure chest will appear in the picture. Soon, the Red Propeller Cap will appear, cool huh?

Check out few of these wacky ways of getting to the Ice Berg! If you walk into the Coffee Shop, Night Club, & Gift SHop and then go out, you’ll notice that you see the Ice Berg outside the Coffee Shop, Night Club, and the Gift Shop!

Coffee Shop:

Night Club:

Gift Shop:

And then into the Ice Berg!

Also sometihng cool is that if you go to the Pizza Parlor, and throw a snowball, it’s food! So you can have a food fight with your buddies!


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