NEW Better Igloos, Upgrades, & Earth Day Constructions!

Theres a NEW Better Igloos catalog at the igloo, and some cool “Go Green” items for you to buy! But what does this mean? Well Earth Day is ciming up soon, where Clubpenguin needs your help to make the earth much BETTER! We can all do this in real life too, by recycling, plant some cool plants and flowers, reduce and maybe reuse! So check out the Cool, “GO GREEN” items.

April Better Igloo Catalog

  • Burgundy Couch-500 coins
  • Burgundy Bookshelf-450 coins
  • Burgundy Curtains-350 coins
  • Burgundy Lamp-100 coins
  • Burgundy Chair-300 coins

Click the Burgundy Curtain silver holder for the Recycle Bin(100 coins).

Click the Burngundy Lamp top for the Green Bookshelf(450 coins).

Click the middle bookshelf piece from the Burngundy Bookshelf for the Green Deck Chair(400 coins).

  • Green Couch-500 coins
  • Green Vase-350 coins
  • Green Plush Chair-300 coins

Click the tip of the Green Vase for the HD TV(1,000 coins)

Igloo Upgrades

Check out the NEW Igloo Upgrade catalog, where you’ll find a really rare igloo. Check out the igloo floors!

Here are the NEW ones that has been released!

  • Terracotta Tiles-680 coins
  • Phony Lawn-700 coins
  • Bambo0 Floor-370 coins

Now for something really rare that has been released and came back for us to use!

The Bamboo Hut has came back! Here is how to get it, click any of the 4 flowers in the page of the Green Clover Igloo.

Earth Day Construction!

As you notice, earth day is on it’s way on Clubpenguin. Clubpenguin want’s to celebrate the fun with you by planting some plants and recycle on Clubpenguin, you can also do this in real! But what kinda’ party is this going to be? Well if you check out the Mine Shack, you’ll see some construction going on, check it out!

Can’t wait until it all comes together, can’t you?


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