NEW Better Igloo Catalog & Upgrades!

Here are the NEW Better Igloo Catalog with some cool Medieval items. Also, the Medieval party ends on the 16th, so don’t forget to do the Quest # 2! Check out the cheats for Better Catalog May 10′!

Better Igloos Furniture Catalog May 10′

  • Evergreen Plant-240 coins
  • Potted Tree-250 coins
  • Flower Pot-175 coins
  • Potted Palm-280 coins
  • Spikey Plant-230 coins
  • Large House Plant-570 coins

Click the blue flower on the Flower Pot for the Ficus Plant (320 coins).

Click the leaf (Middle) for the Poodle Plant (430 coins).

  • Royal Throne-750 coins
  • Medieval Banner-105 coins
  • Wall Torch-85 coins
  • Archer’s Window-630 coins
  • Wall Sconce-140 coins
  • Brazier-350 coins

Click the ‘fish’ in the Medieval Banner for the

Click the top point (Middle) of the Royal Throne for the Snake Grass (230 coins).

  • Princess Armoire-700 coins
  • Princess Vanity-600 coins
  • Princess Throne-500 coins

Upgrades Catalog

Theres a NEW upgrade of a NEW igloo, check it out!

  • Grey Ice Castle-4,500 coins
  • Ice Castle-5,000 coins

The Grey Ice Castle is the NEW edition of the Ice Castle’s!

Click the door on the Ice Castle (Blue Castle) for the Pink Ice Palace (4,900 coins)


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