FREE Membership CONTEST!

As you know, it’s the BEST month of all time, JUNE! My reason is, SUMMER BREAK! But ALSO, there’s something awesome for you and your penguin! But what can that be? FREE 12 MONTH MEMBERSHIP! Yes, FREE 12 month membership! But how? And where? Well on, theres a contest for Clubpenguin, if you want the link and join the contest, Click Here!

Awesome right? FREE membership, can’t get any better! To enter, you must sign up and MUST be a member of! This started on May 30th and WILL END on June 13th! So hurry, enter today. As you signed up and go to the site, it will ask you to answer a question, something about Clubpenguin,not to hard right?

“Who is the editor of the Club Penguin Times”

The answer is Aunt Arctic

So sign up and you can be lucky enough to get the 12 month membership!


2 Responses

  1. Please Be Meeee!

  2. I Will Win Hopefully!

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