NEW Play at Stage and Construction!

There is a NEW play that came out! Now it is your turn to act out the play by finding a gem. Take the role and finding the gem pin for your inventory! Just follow these directions on finding the mystery.


  1. First, click the lamp, it should light up:


2. Click the door nob with the eye:


3. Click the top shelf, it should have a folder stick up:


4. Walk up to the trash can on your right, click it and the top should open:


5. Click the two way doors, it should open:


6.Click the book that is on the desk, it should flip pages when you press it:


7. Click the flower that is on the little table at the way top right:


8. Last, but not least, the ending of the play! Just click the picture frame on your bottom right:

Click it and there’s your mystery! Here is FINALLY the NEW Ruby pin, cool huh?

Ruby and the Ruby Costume Trunk

Now you can buy some cool mystery costumes and play any of the parts with them! You can also help friends too!



  • Gray Fedora-250 coins
  • Detectives Coat-650 coins
  • Magnifying Glass-150 coins


  • The Movie Star-600 coins
  • Pearl Necklace-550 coins
  • Dazzle Dress-600 coins


  • Blue Felt Hat-300 coins
  • Blue Zoot Suit-700 coins
  • Skinny Blue Tie-150 coins
  • Black Zoot Shoes-450 coins
  • Doorman’s Cap-150 coins
  • Doorman’s Jacket-400 coins


  • Director’s Hat-250 coins
  • Detective Background-60 coins

Costume Trunk Cheats

On the third page, click the door nob for the Dark Detective’s Coat(650 coins).


At the back of the costume catalog, click the box and move it and there will be a mystery background!


Theres a NEW log-in screen for the upcoming adventure! Check it out:

As you know, if you look around the island, there are some construction going on at the following:





As you look in the issue #243, you’ll notice this:

It says we will throw light flares for Rockhopper’s attnetion for the upcoming adventure party, which starts on June 18th! Can’t wait to find out what kinda’ party this might be! Check by on June 16th!! Also, expect Rockhopper and his ship, The Migrator come by with rare items!


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  1. hey in icp paint white

  2. pearl neckales are great gifts for women in their 30’s:;`

  3. cool tnx

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