Clubpenguin Feild Ops Cheats!

Alot of things is happening at the FPF command Room! Like the NEW Tube Transport, also the NEW Feild Op event is here, last week, at the EPF Command, they said they were going to have some event on the 15th. Well, today is the 15th! Check out the cheats for the “Club Penguin Feild Ops!

Click your EPF Phone, this should show up on the screen of the phone. It will say:

New Field-Op Available

Report for duty at the Command Room to receive your orders

Now, it will bring you to the EPF Command Room, go to the yellow screen that says “Field Ops”. Walk up to and click it, this should pop-up:

Walk up to and click it, this should pop-up:

It will tell you to find the clue, by looking for a big “S”, the big “S” will be at the Town. Walk up to the window that says, “Disco”.

Soon, your EPF Phone will turn green, click your phone and this will pop-up:

Click “ENGAGE” to start the mission. This will seem tricky, so follow the directions! When you clicked “ENGAGE”, it should look like this:

Your job is to connect the shapes that are the same, for example, say you put your mouse on a dot, it will come out as “Triange”, now look for the same shape that matches the shape you have clicked on! Also, don’t forget you are being timed, so hurry, before the bomb exploads!

After completing the mission, this will pop-up!

You have earned a Medal bagde! This badge is not just an award, but it’s a way to get some AWESOME EPF Clothes for your penguin! Check out how to get the items.

Click “Elite Gear” to check out the AWESOME EPF items! This will come up for your choices. Also, these bagdes are like coins, you must get the amount to get the item. So, you must wait for more Field Ops challenges! Here are the items!

Starter Gear

  • EPF Earpiece (Non-Member Item)-1 badge

Basic Set Delta

  • Delta Fedora-2 badges
  • Delta shades-1 badge
  • Delta Suit-4 badges
  • Delta Sneakers-3 badges

Basic Set Alpha

  • The Alpha-2 badges
  • Alpha Shades-1 badge
  • Alpha Suit-4 badges
  • Alpha Pumps-3 badges

Don’t forget to check the Field Ops, so you know when more field Ops are here!

Also, if you check out the Telescope, you’ll notice Rockhopper is coming for the Adventure Party on the 18th! Awesome right?


8 Responses

  1. we need the other feild ops for today?

  2. […] June 29, 2010 by Surf Black Field Op #3 is here, which means week 3! This mission is similar to Week #1. So this may be easy for you to do. Follow the instructions on what to do in this field op! Now, […]

  3. the spot is in the mermaid cove in the mine

  4. Rockhopper is coming yay

  5. world cup is popula

  6. that was so lame

  7. world cuo is so not popular…. i dont even no him and i am the most popular peson on the web…

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