Clubpenguin Island Adenture Party 10′!

The Clubpenguin Island Adventure Party is FINALLY HERE! It’s really cool, because it makes you feel like a real pirate, like a friendly pirate friend, Rockhopper! Speaking of Rockhopper, go check him out at the telescope at the Beacon, The Migrator is getting closer, which means, Rockhopper is getting closer, just in time for the party!

Now, let’s start with the Island Adventure cheats! Follow these directions on how to find each paper hat, to solve the map. This will get you a cool item at the end of the adventure, so lets begin!

1. Click the Paper hat on top, near the Moderato, “M” sign. This will show you hints on each paper hat is hidden!

2. Now, the first peper hat is hidden at the Forest, at the far left corner, near the Map!

3. The next on is hidden at the Beach, on the Lighthouse, on top of the sign.

4. For the 3th paper hat, it is hidden at the Snow Forts, near the left side, in the bushes.

5.  For the 4th paper hat, it is hidden at the Underground River. (Go to Forest, open the rock, far left corner)

6. The 5th paper hat is hidden at the Ski Village, on top of the White Puffle sign.

7. The 6th paper hat is hidden at the Town, near the Coffee Shop, it will be in the wooden cup.

8. The 7th paper hat will be at the Plaza, on top of the Pet Shop, and on top of the puffle with the pirate hat.

9. The last paper hat will be hidden at the Iceberg, on the tree trunk.

Now that you have all 8 paper hats, you can then click “Build the map.”

Here is where it gets tricky. Your job is top put the treasure map/puzzle back together. Follow the arrows on where each piece of picture belongs to.

Now that you got your map all connected and fully done, you will see that you found a treasure map! But what can this be? It looks like theres a BIG “X” near a water fall! Where can that be, YES, you know it, at the COVE!

But before you go and dig up your treasure, you’ll get an AWESOME treasure map background! Cool for this kind of theme! Just click “Claim Prize”.

Now that you have your background, head over to the Cove, and get your self a hard hat because you have to dig below the BIG “X” to find your treasure. You can get a FREE hard hat near the left corner! All you have to do is take everything off, except the hard hat, then DANCE! Soon, you’ll get a FREE Pirate Bandanna! This is so cool, right?

Now, if you go to the Forest, and up the ladder, you’ll be in a really cool bird palace! (For MEMBERS only) It’s like from last years Adventure party, but with a whole, NEW item! Check out the FREE Member item!

Also, theres a really cool event, where you battle your buddies, or rivals on a HUGE ship. But not only your just on a ship, but you can shoot HUGE snowballs at each other and throw them at the other ship! Also, there are some canons for you to use. On the ship on the LEFT, you have to stand on the yellow square to get snowballs to shoot into the other ship.

For the ship on the RIGHT, you have to throw snowballs into the snowball chamber so that you can shoot the snowballs from your cannon. It’s really cool, because things break in your ship, which is your job to save it, by using your hard hat and patch up the holes that are squirting with water!

Heres what both battle ships look like, AWESOME right? It’s even better throwing snowballs at each others ship, it’s like a real battle! Try it with all your buddies and have a AWESOME battle together!

Lasy, but not least, the hidden PIN! Yes, theres a hidden pin around the isnalnd, but where? Follow these instructions on where to find the Hidden pin!

  1. Open the Map.
  2. Click the Plaza.
  3. Walk into the Pizza Parlor.
  4. Walk up to the Lightning Bulb Pin


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  3. coooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllll

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