NEW Clubpenguin Igloo Furniture & NEW Upgrades!

There is a NEW Clubpenguin Igloo Furniture catalog that has been released. It’s really cool, if you like making stores in your igloo! Check out the NEW items, and also, the NEW cheats!

Better Igloos Catalog June 10′

  • Penguin Mannequin-275 coins
  • Open/Close Sign-150 coins
  • Wall Rack-350 coins
  • Clothes Rack-400 coins

Click the tip handle on the Clothes Rack for the HD TV-1,000 Coins.

  • Stone Colume Ruins-350 coins
  • Stone Wall Ruins-425 coins
  • Stone Arch Ruins-450 coins
  • Pirates Ship-525 coins
  • Shell Chair-550 coins
  • Life Boat-430 coins

Click the little box, in the middle of the Stone Wall Ruin for the Mermaid Vanity-735 coins.

Click the 3rd circle (o) window for the Bamboo Torch-200 coins.

NEW Upgrades Catalog

There is a NEW nad RARE igloo upgrade in the Upgrades catalog! Check out to find out, what it is! Also, it’s great for the event we are having for the party!

  • Fish Bowl-2,300 coins

Get your flippers wet! Perfect for penguins and fishes! Upgrade your igloo today!!


2 Responses

  1. Many people lump two tables restaurant and bar in a single category under the table in a bar, which is understandable, since both serve the same basic purpose. To make matters worse, a third type is known as the pub in the table, often grouped under the title of the table and bar.
    Bar tables are 40-42 inches high, same height as most of the bars. They are usually relatively small and intimate gathering of people 3:58. While traditional wooden bar tables are available in a variety of materials and styles that look great in a breakfast area or dining room and a family game room.

  2. Seen this stuff be4.

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