Rockhopper is finally here and has some RARE items for us to use! His ship, the  Migrator is here for its arrival! Now, go to the ship and check his items!

  • The Squid Lid (Free Non-Member item)
  • Jolly Roger Flag (Furniture Item)-200 coins
  • Striped Pirate Bandanna-375 coins
  • Pirate Arm Bands-150 coins
  • Pirate Lass-425 coins

Remember we had to decide on the FREE item on Billybob’s blog? Well, the item that was going to be chosen was the Squid Lid, between the Boot or the Bucket! But now, the Squid Lid is here for the free item! Also, I’ll be tracking Rockhopper for you guys to find him! So check by to track Rockhopper!


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