NEW July 10′ Style Catalog!

If you read the title, then YES, but it’s kinda’ early. Also, theres a NEW hidden pin lying around the island and we need to find it! AND, theres some construction for the upcomining party! Check out the cheats for the NEW Style catalog.

  • The Golden Waves-300 coins
  • Floral Bikini-350 coins
  • Green Sandles-150 coins
  • The Sunburst-250 coins
  • Surf Necklace-150 coins
  • Leather Watch-150 coins
  • Sunset Surf Shorts-300 coins
  • The Flip-250 coins
  • Summer Threads-450 coins

Click the tree top for the 3D Glasses (Very rare)-50 coins

Click the foot with the Summer Threads for the Acoustic Sunburst Guitar-500 coins.

  • The Freestyle-550 coins
  • Freestyle Threads-650 coins
  • Green Keytar-600 coins
  • Wingwarmers-200 coins
  • The Shamrocker-550 coins
  • Spikester Threads-650 coins
  • Cowbell-50 coins
  • Firestriker-550 coins
  • Orange Rocker Shirt-200 coins
  • Orange Sneakers-250 coins

Click the stero tab button for the Rocker-750 coins.

Click the stereo nob on the left for the Supernova Suit-850 coins.

Click the speakers for the Blue Sunglasses-150 coins.

  • The Tousled-450 coins
  • Avitar Sunglasses-200 coins
  • Electro T-Shirt-150 coins
  • The Sunray-500 coins
  • White Diva Sunglasses-225 coins
  • Microphone-250 coins
  • Yellow Pop Outfit-600 coins
  • Dazzling Blue Hat-475 coins
  • Dazzling Blue Tux-850 coins

Click the speaker circles for the NEW Purple Electric Bass-550 coins.

Click the inside of the piano for the Red Sunglasses-150 coins.

  • The Spikster-500 coins
  • Rocker Outfit-400 coins
  • Red Electric Guitar-550 coins
  • The Sidetied-500 coins
  • Pop Music Shirt-200 coins
  • Black Electric Guitar-550 coins
  • Pink Sneakers-250 coins

Penguins At Work

  • Garden Shovel-200 coins

Click the mask of the Tiki mask for the Trombone-500 coins.

Click the beak of the brown penguin (With the Garden Shovel) for the:

  • The Shock Wave-550 coins
  • Spikester Cuffs-170 coins
  • Pink Polka-Dot Dress-350 coins
  • Black Checkered Shoes-300 coins


There are alot of NEW backgrounds for your penguin background, check them out!

NEW Hidden Pin!

Theres a NEW hidden pin around the island and we need to find it! Follow the directions on where the NEW hidden pin could be found at.

  1. Open the Map.
  2. Go to the Forest or the Mine.
  3. Walk into the Cave(if you went to the Mine)
  4. Walk into the Hidden Lake.
  5. Walk up to the Candy Apple pin.

As you know, the upcoming party is a MUSIC party, where theres SO many different kinds of music around the WHOLE island! It all starts on July 9-18! Check out the NEW Log-in page.

This party is going to be WICKED, like the others, which means, this is the 3rd party like this! So look around and check out the construcion going on around the island. Also, if you go to the Iceberg, you’ll see some FIREWORKS!


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