Field Op#6 RELEASED!

I’m sorry for keeping you wating, but I was kinda’ busy, but I’m back to give you the cheats to Field Op #6! Follow the instructions on what to do in this field op! Now, your phone should be ringing, and will tell you to go to the EPF Command room, go there and walk up to the yellow screen, and this should pop-up!

And this should pop-up.

Someone is using a computer to attack our system! The Scanner is holing… for now. Search the island with other agents for the computer responsiable, then shut it down. You must hurry!

Click “Accept Field-Op” and follow these steps on where to find the computer below!

1. Go to the Mine Shack and walk into the Community Garden Center.

2. Walk up to the computer in the far right bottom corner, (WALK UNDER THE COMPUTER).

3. Your Spy Phone should go off, it will turn green when you have found the spot.

4. Now this will pop-up, this field op is NEW, so watch below on how to do this RIGHT!

5. Click “ENGAGE” to start the mission. This will seem tricky, so follow the directions! When you clicked “ENGAGE”, it should look like this:

6. Your job is to match the data’s (The chips that are on the bottom) into they’re right “firewalls”. (The chips that are on the top)

7. Use your Left and Right keys (On your keyboard) to move the bottom data to the right “firewall”. The data piece will change really fast, and soon the top firewall pieces will show up. And then your data piece, on the bottom will stop. They will start to come down, so move your data to the place to match the correct firewall. Later on in the field op, the firewall pieces will start to get faster and faster, so use your left and right keys skills!

8. At the top, it will show you your process on how much you need to get through the whole thing!

Check back next Monday for Field Op #7!


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