Underwater Adventure At the Stage!

They Underwater Adventure is released at the Stage, and this is the 2nd time that this play has been yp at the Stage, too! It’s really cool because this play is a little new, so check it out for your selves. So get some mermaid flippers, claws, and so much more for you “Underwater Adventure”!

Here is what the Underwater Adventure looks like!


Costume Trunk

By going to the Trunk, you can find costumes for the Underwater Adventure! Try them out for the Stage.


  • Black Scuba Mask–200 Coins
  • Scuba Tank–480 Coins
  • Green Wetsuit–600 Coins
  • Yellow Flippers–200 Coins
  • Blue Snorkel–250 Coins
  • Blue Racing Bathing Suit–500 Coins
  • Blue Flippers–225 Coins

u.a costume trunk page2

  • he Blue Lagoon–550 Coins
  • Mermaid Costume–800 Coins
  • The Surf (Wig) –400 Coins
  • Shell Collar–100 Coins
  • Shell Cuffs–250 Coins
  • Merpenguin Fin-500 Coins


  • Mystic Fish Costume–500 Coins
  • Lobster Costume–600 Coins

As for the Non-Members, you can buy a Underwater Adventure background (60 coins)!


2 Responses

  1. ok i want to kno if there is any cheats in this cat. if so leave a reply please!

  2. Well I need answer, For three things,1. Where is the cheats? 2.Do you have to be a member to buy things i am a new penguin so i dont know 3. Whats the point of cheats?

    Reply Soon!

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