Field Op #7

Today, Field Op #7 is out for us to do! Every week, your Spy Phone should ring, which means there is a NEW mini mission for you to do. Now, we’ll start our mission with Field Op #7. Follow on how to complete the field op.

1. Your phone should ring when you first log-in.

2. It will tell you to go to the Command Room, click ‘Go There’. When you have entered the EPF Command Room, walk up to the yellow screen, where it says “Field Op”.

3. Now this should pop-up:

We’ve detected a malfunction with part of the Beacon’s pwoer sysem. The light could burn out any moment! The Beacon is vital to public safety. Work together to find the broke system, then power it up.

4. Open up the Map, and click the Beach, then go into the Lighthouse and up to the Beacon. Click the arrow that say’s “To Top” for a shortcut! Now walk near the telescope and behind the BIG light bulb, stand where my penguin is in the picture below:

5. Your phone should ring, (Turn Green). This field Op is like Field Op #4, so this should be easy for you! Click it and this should pop-up:

7. Click “ENGAGE” to start your mission, this mission is from Week #4, so this should be familiar!

8. Your job is to get the chip into the power ups, each four of them. But don’t get shocked! If you get shock to many times, you may have to start again. To save some lives, go where your chip has started when you first started it. It will give you lives if you get shocked!

9. After completing the 7th Field Op, you should get medal(s)! These medals are used for EPF clothes, so save up for some AWESOME items!


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