NEW August 10′ Style Catalog

There’s a NEW Clubpenguin Stylle catalog at the Gift Shop, which is located at the Town. There’s a lot of cool thing’s for the upcoming surprise, about the expedition, coming up, August 13th! So here are the cheat’s for the NEW Style catalog.

If you go to the second page, where you get to costumize your own shirt, well there’s NEW design’s! Check them out. There are also a NEW color, orange.

  • Supply Bag-350 coins
  • Yellow Expedition Jacket-500 coins
  • Blue Climbing Rope-150 coins

Click the tip of the mountain the the far left for the Green Hiking Boots (325 coins)

Click the foot on the lime green penguin with Supply Bag for the Lasso (150 coins)

  • Yellow Climbing Helmet-300 coins
  • Blue Expedition Jacket-500 coins
  • Canteen-100 coins
  • Red Hiking Shoes-200 coins
  • Khaki Expedition Jacket-450 coins
  • Yellow Hiking Shoes-200 coins
  • Hiking Backpack-300 coins

Click the tip of the tree (the only one with a tip) for the Blue Duck (50 coins)

Click the eye of the penguin with the Khaki Expedition Jack for the

  • Mountain Climber Gear-550 coins
  • Hiking Boots-325 coins

Penguins At Work

  • Snowboard Helmet-400 coins
  • Ski Patrol Jacket-600 coins
  • First Aid Kit-150 coins NEW


Here are 2 NEW backgrounds and the other 2 are old from the past! ALL worth 60 coins.


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