Better Igloos Aug.-Sept. Furniture

There’s a NEW Better Igloo furniture catalog that has some really cool items for you to decorate your igloo! But something in the catalog is similar to the “Customize Your T-Shirt”. Check out the August-September Better Igloos Catalog!

Better Igloos Aug-Sept Furniture Catalog

Here is where you can customize your igloo with different three (3) colors, three (3) selection’s of furniture to use, & five (5) different selection’s of patterns! It’s really cool because it’s like creating your very own furniture right at your igloo. There could also be NEW colors, furniture, & patterns later on in the future for new selection’s, just like at the Gift Shop!

  • Bamboo Couch-500 coins
  • Bamboo Chair-200 coins
  • Bamboo Table-250 coins
  • Pop Art Painting-450 coins
  • Modern Art-550 coins
  • Red Lava Lamp-450 coins

Click the top of the Modern Art sculpture for the Climbing Wall (1,000 coins).


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