Field Op #11

Today, Field Op #11 is out for us to do! Every week, your Spy Phone should ring, which means there is a NEW mini mission for you to do. Now, we’ll start our mission with Field Op #11. Follow on how to complete the field op.

1. Your phone should ring when you first log-in.

2. It will tell you to go to the Command Room, click ‘Go There’. When you have entered the EPF Command Room, walk up to the yellow screen, where it says “Field Op”.

3. Now this should pop-up:

We’ve received information that a speaker somewhere has been rigged to cause “serious damage.”

Search the island together for it, then shut it down. We can’t take any chances!

4. Open your map and go to the Beach. (Near the Dock) Now, walk into the Lighthouse that is on the left. After walking into the Lighthouse, walk towards to the piano and walk under the Map and your EPF Spy Phone.

5. Your Spy Phone should ring and turn green. Now this will pop-up, it’s just like Field Op #1!

6. Click “ENGAGE” to start the mission. This will seem tricky, so follow the directions! When you clicked “ENGAGE”, it should look like this:

7. Your job is to connect the shapes that are the same, for example, say you put your mouse on a dot, it will come out as “Triange”, now look for the same shape that matches the shape you have clicked on! Also, don’t forget you are being timed, so hurry, before the bomb exploads!


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