NEW Stage, Pin, & MORE Updates!

There is a NEW stage that has been released on thursday! (Sorry if I’m kinda’ late with the updates, I was very busy) So check out the “Squidzoid Vs. Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal”! Also, don’t forget to check out the costume Trunk for awesome costumes that goes with the play!

Here is what it looks like inside the Stage!

Last, but not least, the Costume Trunk! You can waddle to the Costume Trunk, or click the red catalog on the far, right bottom corner! THERE ARE NO CHEATS IN THE CATALOG!

Squidzoid VS. Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal

  • Camera-300 Coins

  • Squidzoid Costume–600 Coins

  • Blue Superhero Mask–100 Coins
  • Blue Cape 500 Coins
  • Shadow Guy Costume 550 Coins
  • Pink Superhero Mask-100 Coins
  • Pink Cape–500 Coins
  • Gamma Girl Costume–550 Coins

  • Director’s Hat-250 Coins
  • Cityscaape Background-60 Coins

NEW Hidden Pin

There’s a NEW hidden pin somewhere on the island for you to collect, but where? Well follow the directions to find out the location of the NEW hidden pin!

  1. Open your Map.
  2. Go to the Plaza.
  3. Go into the sewer hole, between the Stage and the Pet Shop.

4. You should now be in the Underground Pool! Walk up tot he igloo shaped pin!

NEW Update for Igloos!

When you are editing your igloos, there is a NEW feature where you can save all the igloos you have bought! Say you bought a igloo from the catalog, “Igloo Upgrades”, you can save that igloo for next time, when you would like to use it! Check out the NEW feature, it’s a really cool way, to save all your igloos, then keep buying them.

NEW Log-in Screen

Before you log-in, check out the NEW log-in screen:

It is the NEW Party that is coming, September 3rd! It is……..THE FALL FAIR!!! I really love this party, because you play A LOT of COOL games, and exchange your tickets for awesome, NEW prize(s)!! So check out at the Beach for the construction for the upcoming Fall Fair! Like EVERY YEAR, Rockhopper comes and visit’s during the fall Fair, so look out for him, for a signed autograph! Check out the telescope at the Beacon for Rockhopper’s shop, The Migrator! This all happens on September 3rd, 2010!


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