Rockhopper get’s CLOSER & NEW Stamps!

As you know, your favorite pirate friend, Rockhopper and his ship, The Migrator are coming to the island for a visit, coming along with his RARE items! Wonder what kinda’ items he’ll be bringing this time, hope it’s something rare that came A LONG time ago, what about you? Well, if you go up to the Beacon, and into the telescope, you’ll notice that he’s getting closer, for the party, FALL FAIR! Check it out:

NEW Stamps

If you click your player card, and into the Stamp Book, you’ll notice that Clubpenguin added MORE stamps for you to earn! Check it out for your selves!

Notice there are 158 stamps, for now!

They have added:

  • Puffle Rescue
  • Missions

Cool, right? For missions, you earn them by getting awards for beating the missions!


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