September 2010 Fall Fair Festival!

Today, it’s one of my FAVORITE parties on Clubpenguin, which is, THE FALL FAIR! This party has tons of cool games and to exchange the tickets for awesome prizes. Also, don’t forget, that Rockhopper had docked on the island, so visit his ship, The Migrator for some rare items! So, let’s start with the tour of the 2010 Fall Fair!

Now, if you go to either the Town or the Plaza, you’ll see a sign with a circus tent, click it!

Now some weird thing pop’s up, and this doesn’t have to do with the Fall Fair:

That sign is from the other party, weird, maybe they haven’t updated it yet, but it originally brings you to here:

Sadly, it’s only for members, but if your a non-member, you can FINALLY see what is hidden in this circus tent!

This is where you can do some magic with all the different colored Puffles! Just click on the color you want to perform, up top and then you’ll see that colored Puffle do a trick! It’s so cool, so check out all of them. Now, let’s start with the tickets and how to get them!

On the top right corner, there will be a orange ticket, on the left side of the “M” sign. (Moderator Sign) This is the ticket holder where it will how you HOW many tickets you have.

Click it, and this should pop-up:

Step #1:

Play any of The Fall Fair games to win tickets.

Here are all the games you can play and WIN ticket(s):


  • Ring The Bell (I recommend you playing this game, because it’s easy and you get a lot of tickets!)
  • Puffle Shuffle


  • Feed-A-Puffle


  • Memory Card Game

Hidden Games

Go to the Snow Forts and go to the room on the right of the Stadium.

  • Balloon Pop
  • Puffle Soaker


Puffle Paddle (I recommend you playing this game because you’ll get a lot of tickets!)

Step #2:

Go to the Prize Booth in the Forest or at the entrance to the Great Puffle Circus (For Members)

Step #3:

Click on the booth and trade your tickets for prizes!

Non-Member Ticket Booth

Here are the prizes in the non-member Prize Booth:

  • Pin – 50 Tickets
  • Balloon Hat – 110 Tickets
  • Yellow and Red Crazy Hat – 150 Tickets
  • Background – 50 Tickets

Members Ticket Booth

Here are the items that are in the Member’s Ticket Booth:

  • Ice Cream Cone – 75 Tickets
  • Clown Hair – 200 Tickets
  • Clown Suit – 300 Tickets
  • Clown Shoes – 150 Tickets
  • Pink Cotton Candy – 75 Tickets

There will be more PRIZES coming soon…!

Rockhopper is HERE!

Your friendly pirate friend, Rockhopper is here to visit with his ship, The Migrator. Also, he brought some NEW and MAGICAL Items for you to buy. Check out his ship, which is at the Beach.

Now, if you go in, there will be a piece of paper on the right, bottom corner, click it, and this should pop-up:

  • Magician’s Top Hat – FREE NEW
  • Curtain (furniture item) – 350 Coins
  • Magician’s Wand – 150 Coins NEW
  • Magician’s Cloak – 400 Coins  NEW

Well, I hope all these cheats helped you to get A LOT of tickets and earn prizes. These are some cool prizes and you don’t want to miss it. This aweosme party will sadly end on September 12th. Also, don’t forget to look for your friendly pirate friend, Rockhopper for a autographed background, I’ll make a chat for you guy’s to find him! Come back soon 😀


Hey people! How you like the party? Well, my favorite game in the Fall/Fun Fair is the Puffle Paddle! What’s your favorite game? Well comment below, anyways, I jsut had a HIGH SCORE in the Puffle Paddle, and I want YOU, to take  a picutre of your HIGH SCORE of a game that you played. (Remember whan you log off, the tickets will be gone) Here is my high score on Puffle Paddle:

And the weird thing about the score is that, 9/13 is my birthday! Weird huh?


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