Fall/Fun Fair Ultimate Ticket Cheat September 2010!

There’s a cool cheat where you can get unlimited tickets, but it’s not really hacking and this cheat won’t get you ban, this cheat is ban-FREE! So follow the directions on how to get a lot of tickets to exchange for prizes.

1. Go to the Dock and play the Ring the Ball game.

2. Now, play the game, either get 25 tickets, 10 tickets, ect. This cheat, it doesn’t matter how many ticket(s) you have won.

3. Next, when you have gotten to the “DONE”/ exit page, press your “Tab” button. (Near your “Q” on the keyboard) Now press the tab button until it get’s to the “DONE” button. It should look like this:

4. Rapidly, click your “ENTER” button on your key board, but VERY FAST, do it a lot of times, until this pops up:

5. If you get that orange box, then that means you did the cheat right! And you should have the 5x more then what you had, when you had won!

Hope this cheat worked for you and get’s you A LOT of tickets, to earn your self some prizes.


One Response

  1. wow awsome but does it actually work most ofthem dont thats why im asking if it does then u r awsome

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