NEW Game Day Items!

Yes, as you know, there are NEW Game Day items, which comes with the NEW Wii game, “Clubpenguin Game Day!” These items are unlock items, which means, when you buy the game, you’ll get a code, just like the toy codes! Wan’t to see what they will look like? Well check them out!

  • Red Sneakers ID= 16036
  • Yellow Sneakers ID= 16038
  • Green Sneakers ID= 16037

  • Yellow Hockey Jersey ID= 14204
  • Yellow Cheerleader Dress ID= 14205

  • Yellow Face Paint ID= 12019
  • Red Mohawk ID= 11172

If your gonna copy, please comment to have permission to use the photo’s above! Will this be in the NEW Sport’s catalog, at the Staduim? We’ll see on later this month!


4 Responses

  1. what is the code for the four backgrounds?

  2. they are patchet

  3. Blue = 19071

    Green = 19069

    Yellow = 19070

    I don’t know red yet.

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