Clubpenguin Treasure Book Series #11 RELEASED!

As you know, long have you been waiting, the NEW Clubpenguin Treasure Boo, Series #11 has been released! It’s some cool items for the cold icy winter, and to be some cool furry animals! Check out the NEW Treasure Book, and they’re cheats!

Treasure Book Series #11

  • King’s Crown
  • Royal Robe

  • Water Suit 3000
  • Green Hard Hat

Click the Lighthouse (in the far,top, right corner) for the Green Recycle T-Shirt.

  • Squid Costume
  • Yellow Fish Costume
  • Yeti Costume

  • Hockey Helmet
  • Blue Hockey Jersey
  • Hockey Stick
  • Hockey Skates
  • The Sidetied Too
  • Purple Figure Skating Dress
  • Firgure Skates

  • Black Glasses
  • Pet Shop Apron
  • Orange Sneakers
  • I Love My Puffle T-Shirt
  • The Surf Knot


  • Pink and Yellow Chullo
  • Green Mittens
  • Yellow Designer Scarf
  • Purple Swirl Snow Suit
  • Pink Fuzzyy Boots
  • Green Pompom Toque
  • Green and Blue Scarf
  • Grey Mittens
  • Blue Winter Boots



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  2. wow cool i like it

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