Clubpenguin NEW Better Igloos Catalog Dec-January 2010!

There’s a BRAND NEW Better Igloos furniture catalog for you to decorate your snowy igloo for the Holidays! Not just for the Holiday’s, but for the Clubpenguin Igloo contest, 2010! Can’t wait to see who wins this year? So, before we talk about the contest, let’s start with the furniture catalog for your igloo!

December 2010 Better Igloos Catalog

  • Donation Tube – 70 Coins
  • Coins For Change Donation Station – 75 Coins
  • Holiday Tree – 600 Coins
  • Holiday Gifts – 170 Coins

Click the star of the Holiday Tree for the Holiday Bells – 100 Coins.

Click the sign of the Coins For Change Donation Station for the Holiday Lights – 50  Coins.

  • Candy Cane – 300 Coins
  • Wooden Reindeer – 450 Coins
  • Stocking – 50 Coins
  • Snowflake – 50 Coins
  • Wood Stove – 900 Coins

Click the wooden logs in the Woo Stove for the Icicle Lights  – 75  Coins.

Click the candle in the Candy Cane lantern for the Leaning Tree – 250 Coins.

  • Top Hat Snowman – 300 Coins
  • Orange Scarf Snowman – 300 Coins
  • Santa Hat Snowman – 300 Coins

Click the word “Scarf” in the item, Orange Scarf Snowman for the Fireplace – 900 Coins.

Click the blue bird in the Santa Hat Snowman for the Wrought Iron Lamp Post – 600 Coins.

Now that the cheats are done, what is a igloo without some Christmas Music? Well, check em’ tunes!

  • Santa’s Mix
  • Candy Cane March

2010 Holiday Igloo Contest

How to enter?

As you know, it’s ALMOST christmas, but not only that, there’s a Clubpenguin Holiday Igloo contest, where you compete all the players to see who has the better Holiday-ish theme for thier igloo! It’s very easy to join, all you have to do is:

  1. Be A Member
  2. Get some cool Holiday furniture and decorations!
  3. Put some and be CREATIVE!
  4. Just have fun!

Now, when you are all done making your igloo nice and decorative, then press this button:

Some reason they haven’t updated this part of the contest, but soon, when you are all done, click “Yes”, when you have finished! Make sure you did everything you wanted to do, BEFORE you submit, because you can’t submit again!

Well hope this all helped you to get ready for the contest and all the cheats that you needed! Please come back for more, even when the Holiday Party 2010 is coming next week!



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