Moving to a NEW Clubpenguin Website!

Hey my viewers! I wanted to tell you THANK YOU for the 100,000 views, I coun’t of done it without you! I’ve been posting since March 2009, and glad for you to make me keep going. I enjoy pleasing you with Clubpenguin cheats, but the thing is, isn’t my site BORING? Well, I have been a NEW Author at a NEW website and want YOU to come and join the site! Me, Ayush, and Mimi40751 are the authors, if any questions, comment or email one of us! But where can you find this awesome website? Click the link below!

I wont be posting on this website anymore, so hopefully, you can go to my new website, that Ayush had made! So please visit for the latest cheats at that link above, I’ll still be posting, but at the Ayush’s site instead!

Thank you again!



2 Responses

  1. Hey Dude,
    Have you stopped posting? You are not removed! Please start posting :\

  2. Surf.. Please .. Please Come Back!! Comment on my website! NOW* Please*

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