Clubpenguin Stamps Guide

Stamp’s is a NEW feature that came out on July 26th, 2010! Now, our job is to get 107 stamps is total to complete the stamp book! Stamps are ways of having fun with your buddies and even your puffles. You will earn stamps by following what activity, game, or event says by moving your mouse on top of the specific stamp. Here is how the Stamp Book works:


How to get into the Stamp Book & Look at Others Stamp Book:

As you, there are slight changes in the penguin’s player card, they added a stamp tab, so when you click your player card, not that you’ll only see you amount of coins, but how many stamps you have and the progress.

Here is what it will look like on another penguin’s player card:

Yes, now there’s more tabs in the player card! If you click the tab that look’s like a stamp, you’ll get to see EVERYONE else’s Stamp Book, to see how they are doing! This is a great way to help buddies if they are having trouble with!

What’s Inside the Stamp Book:

When you click the “Stamp Book” Tab, it will bring you to a BIG booklet, known as the Stamp Book. If you click the BIG circle with the anchor, it will bring you to the Stamp Book “Content’s”! Here are the content’s of the book to see how you’ll earn your stamps!

  • Events-Parties & Character’s.
  • Activities-By going around and do some earning w/ buddies.
  • Pins-Showing all your pin’s. (Shows Dates)
  • Games-Playing Game’s to earn stamps.

On the right of the categories, there will be a “Stamp Book Guide”, telling you what is inside and outside of the book! Even the tabs, “Easy, Meduim, Hard, Extreme” are the level’s of the stamp’s, so some will be easy and some will be EXTREME! To know if it’s easy or hard, look in the background of the stamps, it will either have a color of:

  • Green-Easy
  • Yellow-Medium
  • Hard-Hard
  • Red-Extreme

Each category is different with TON’S of thing’s to do with your buddies, expececially “Activities”.


When you click “Events”, you have to click “Characters”, which is the only option, for now. This where you get a stamp for seeing any of the famous mascot’s! You have to see either:

  • Rockhopper
  • Aunt Arctic
  • Cadence
  • Gary
  • G-Billy
  • Franky
  • Petey K
  • Stompin’ Bob


This page is where you get stamps by going around the island and do things by moving your mouse to each one to see what you have to do to earn that specific stamp! For an example, say you move your mouse to the one with the target, and it says “Hit the Clock target 10 times in a row”.  So you’ll do that, by going to the Snowfort’s and hit the Clock target with your snowball, and you’ll get a stamp!


This is a really cool feature, not that you see all your pins, but you can see OTHERS penguin pins! It’s really cool! If you move your mouse to the pin you wan’t, it will tell you the date you got the pin, REALLY COOL!


This is where you have to do some Clubpenguin Games in Clubpenguin. This is where you have to earn stamps while playing, the stamps in the specific game, it will tell you what you have to do to get that one specific stamp. Here are the games you have to earn stamps in!

  • Thin Ice
  • Jet Pack Adventure
  • Catchin’ Waves
  • Astro Barier
  • Aqua Grabber

How do you know when you have earned a Stamp?:

When you have eanred a stamp and to know when you have, there will be a pop-up above, in the right hand corner, it will look like something like this:

It will tell you that you earned the stamp and what have your earned, the name of the stamp you were going for! Also, when the stamp was not in color, it will turn to color, to know you have earned it!

Also, when you go into your Stamp Book, there will be a tab showing what you have earned! Also, when you play a game, either “Aqua Grabber”, “Catchin’ Waves”, etc., it will show you your stamps you have earned while playing.

And this is what it look’s like when you earned stamps, while playing one of the specific games.

How do you Customize your Stamp Book?:

Here is how to customize your Stamp Book, YOU MUST BE A MEMBER, in order to for this to work.

Click the pencil on the right bottom corner to edit your stamp book. (If you aren’t a member and the pencil isn’t there, you must be a member)

Now, it will show you the book but with tabs on the left, of the book.

The 1st tab will be the stamps  you have earned and pin’s you can put on your Stamp Book. NOTICE: When putting pin’s and stamps, your only suppose to put SIX, which is the limit on the book cover.

Here it will show you the pin’s and stamps on the top, to put on the cover page!

The 2nd tab will let you choose a color that you want the book to be! Either black, pink, light blue, blue, brown & gold.

The 3rd tab will ask you for colors of the words that you want to highlight. It will highlight you name, total of stamps, & the icon.

The 4th tab will ask you the pattern’s you wan’t the book to have, in the background. It will have stars, puffle, paint, wooden, plad, & steel.

Last tab, the 5th will ask you if you wan’t to change the icon to either an anchor, pizza, fish, game control, puffle, or music note.


2 Responses

  1. its aweswome mountain expedtion new pin free items its the best thing in club penguin now
    i just love cp and this website of course ive put it on my favorites thats how cool it is

  2. I love earning stamps although I think that non members should be able to customise their stamp book.

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