Everyday Phoning Facility

Everyday Phoning Facility is a place to practice your skills on how to be a REAL agent! This is where you get to enter a cool room, known as the EPF Command room! But first, you must follow the words from the screen! Follow the directions below on how to get to the EPF Command room and to get your own spy phone! Now, if your an agent, click your spy phone and this might pop up,

But if your not an agent, then go here:

This will be at the Ski Village, the NEW place called, “Everyday Phoning Facilaty”! Now when you enter, you’ll end up here. Then phone will ring, click the phone booth and a dart board will pop up.

Now, throw a snow ball by clicking “T” on your key board or the snow ball on the chat bar. Throw it at the dart board.

Then the dart board will go away and a TV screen will pop up!

It will tell you to go on a green square, it will be on the right down corner, walk on top of it.

Now it will tell you to go across to the red square, but you have to run, so go to the red square quick!

Now it will tell you to get off the red square and will tell you to HIDE, yeah hide, but where? Well go behind the wall with the crazy arrow electrical box. Soon, a circle will go around to find you, don’t move after it’s done! So just stay where you are.

Now, it will tell you to go onto a blue square, go onto it and you will be trapped. Throw a snowball at the electrical box and it will expload!

Now it will tell you your average and your DONE! Cool huh? Now wait and a door to the EPF Elevator will come, go into it and your in the NEW HQ, AKA the EPF HQ! And there is the NEW EPF Spy Phone! Cool huh?

You can also get out by going through the door!


2 Responses

  1. I hid where you told me to….Camera 2 found me!

  2. i hid there and camera 2 found me!

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