Have you Notice?

Something that I’m doing that is NEW is called “Have you Notice”! It’s a page where Ior you find things that other penguins don’t notice on Clubpenguin! Here is how to get some “Have you Notice” samples!

  • Put your penguin name on top
  • Put the room where you’ve notice
  • Put what object or thing you found out

To sum it all up, it looks like this:

Surf Black

Room: Ski Lounge

Object: Mirror

Now here are some things I have notice on Clubpenguin!

If you go to the Mine, you’ll see a egg shape rock in the corner.

1have you notice

If you look in the Map, then look at the mountain, you’ll see a tower on the mountain.

1have you notice2

If you go to the Ski Lodge, you’ll notice that the wall paper is peeled off. You’ll see brick when the Ski Lodge is wooden! (Credit goes to STYARMY)

If you go to the Pizza Parlor, you’ll notice that when you open the door, the backgrounds looks i dfferent!

If you look at the January’s 2010 Penguin Style catalog, you’ll notice that it says “Jan ’09” instead of 2010!


One Response

  1. Im styarmy, Its in the Ski Lodge Attic Where some of the wallpaper is torn. ITS BRICKS!!!! I thought the Ski Lodge was Wood?!?!?

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