Clubpenguin Book Codes

Club Penguin Book Codes!

Book Codes are codes from books, where they will ask you a questions and you must answer it from a book you have bought, that is from clubpenguin. But no need for buying the book, because you can get FREE codes right HERE! Yes, free, counds cool, right? Well follow the directions on how to enter these codes to get a free items, and some coins!

How to get the Book and 1,500 coins:

1. Log onto Clubpenguin and click the circle that says: “Unlock items Online!”

2. Log onto the penguin you want the book and coins to be on.

3. Click the “I have a book” button, on the left.

4. You will see a question and you have enter the code, codes are from the book, so look in the book for the page it’s asking you!

5. After putting a code into it, you will finally get your own book and 1,500 coins!

Anwers to theFollowing books:

“The ultimate OFFICAL Guide to Clubpenguin”

Q: What is the word on Page 9?

A: Sometimes

Q:What is the word on Page 35?

A: Misses

Q:What is the word on Page 40?

A: Examples

Q: What is the word on Page 62?

A: Pictures

Q:What is the word on Page 63?

A: How

Q:What is the word on Page 64?

A: Fishing

Q: What is the word on Page 65

A: Storage

Q: Page 71

A: Seats

Q: Page 71

A: Musical

Q: Page 73

A: Search

Q: Page 75

A: Tossing

Q: Page 77

A: Buying

Q: Page 101

A: Donated

Q: Page 117

A: Jerseys

Q: Page 118

A: Squads

Q: Page 140

A: Breeze

Q: Page 141

A: Combined

Q: Page 143

A: Secret

Q: Page 154

A: Arena

Q: Page 155

A: Queen

Q: Page 156

A: Small

Q: Page 169

A: Start

Q: Page 171

A: Annual

Q: Page 175

A: Crown

Q: Page 176

A: Item

Q: Page 179

A: Penguins

Q: Page 182

A: Actions

Stowaway! Adventures at Sea

Q: Page 1

A: Stowaway

Q: Page 6

A: Mysterious

Q: Page 7

A: Rockhopper

Q: Page 21

A: Migrator

Q: Page 25

A: Yarr

Q: Page 40

A: Waterfall

Q: Page 52

A: Deck

Q: Page 80

A: Penguin

Q: Page 177

A: Puffle

The Inventor’s Appentice

Q: Page 5

A: Board

Q: Page 5

A: Good

Q: Page 6

A: Plans

Q: Page 6

A: Extreme

Q: Page 7

A: Where

Q: Page 8

A: Round

Star Reporter

Q: Page 6

A: Printed

Q. Page 7

A. Staff

Q. Page 5

A. Inside

The Offical Stage Playbook

Q. Page 3

A. Flipper

Q. Page 3

A. Acting

Q. Page 3

A. Bright

Q. Page 3

A. Show

The Great Puffle Switch

Q: Page 43

A: Snowballs

Q: Page 76

A: Will

Q: Page 26

A: Bubble

Q: Page 33

A: Puffle

Q: Page 35

A: Friends

Q: Page 6

A: Shine

Q: Page 80

A: Puffle

Q: Page 80

A: You

Q: Page 18

A: Party

Q: Page 19

A: Shop

Q: Page 60

A: That

Q: Page 5

A: Pink

Q: Page 6

A: Orange

Q: Page 7

A: Penguin

Q: Page 8

A: Green

Q: Page 20

A: Puffle


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  1. sorry but i want for a treasure book mean to do write a password at (i have a code).

  2. what no of this hoe the words

  3. I dont see this all this these dont exzit (i know thats not how u spell it lol XD

  4. COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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